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Certification and Sustainable Laboratories

Book a place here and find the agenda here. The presentations for the event can be viewed here. See page end for more details on the various schemes mentioned.

This workshop (which is free for HE attendees) runs from 1230 (registration from 12) to 1640 on June 26 at Imperial College's main campus. It takes advantage of a UK visit by Allison Paradise, CEO of My Green Lab, a not-for-profit public interest organisation which has developed (and provides the independent certification for): 

  • ACT, a laboratory product environmental assessment programme which is being used in North America and Europe by a growing number of vendors.
  • A sustainable labs assessment programme based on the pioneering work of staff from University of California campuses which is widely used in the USA, and occasionally in Europe through universities such as Galway, and multinational biotech companies.

My Green Lab also administers and audits the Freezer Challenge scheme in partnership with the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL). A number of labs in Europe and Asia have participated in this. The criteria for the Freezer Challenge also form part of the sustainable labs assessment programme. 

The first part of the workshop provides a brief overview of relevant activities at Imperial College London, including its use of the UK-developed LEAF laboratory assessment tool.

The second section focuses on equipment certification and the Freezer Challenge and aims to raise the awareness of delegates about the existence and experience of these initiatives and their possible relevance to UK institutions.

The third section provides learning from the My Green Lab laboratory assessment programme in the hope that it will be of interest to organisations running or considering Green Impact, LEAF or other internal laboratory assessment schemes in the UK. 

The final session provides an opportunity to discuss UK-related issues arising from the previous sessions, and possible directions of travel within the field. 

See www.mygreenlab.org for further information on the US activities.

See here.for more information on LEAF, and here for its use at the University of Bristol.

See here for information about Green Impact in laboratories.


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