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Estates and Engineering

The Conference has much Estates/Facilities content to provide both immediately valuable information, and CPD. The keynote and the 20+ case studies described in the Life Science/Medicine and Chemistry, Engineering and Physical Science sections demonstrate good practice in laboratory design in all branches of STEM, including biology, chemistry, engineering, medicine, and neuroscience, and include ones from Australia, Canada, Ireland and the USA as well as the UK.

Containment and ventilation is also a Conference theme with sessions on:

Fume Dispersal – Is that Giant Flue Really Doing its Job? 

Fume Cupboard Upgrades at the University of Reading Save £315,000 pa, with a 3 Year Payback.

An Evidence-Based Approach to Laboratory Ventilation: How Demand- Responsive

Systems Can Improve Safety and Cut Energy by 50%.

A New Direction in the Control of Laboratory Containment Devices. (Featuring updates from S-Lab Technical Advisor and BSI Committee Chairman Mike Dockery).

Applying Home Office Guidelines to Optimise HVAC Use in In-Vivo Facilities at the University of Edinburgh.

Other relevant sessions include:

Closing the Energy Loop: Ensuring that Metering and Monitoring Systems Support Continuous Improvement in Energy Use (with examples from the University of Cambridge).

Surprise-Free Costing of New and Refurbished Space.

Science Space Management and Costing at the University of Michigan’s North Campus.

Benchmarking for Improvement: Results from 121 Academic Laboratory Buildings at Harvard and Other Boston Institutions.

Integrating Laboratory Chemicals, Equipment, Space and Other Management Systems for Efficiency, Safety and Sustainability.

Go here for a flyer and agenda, and here to book your place.


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