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Funding pressures and other drivers mean that research and teaching labs must often do more with less. One means of doing this to improve equipment and resource utilisation, and achieve other benefits, through more use of core facilities and equipment sharing. A focused stream on May 10 addresses this topic with sessions on:

Supporting University-Industry Collaboration Through Shared Facilities: The University of York’s Bioscience Technology Facility.

Open IRIS: A free platform to share and manage equipment and services (3D electron and light microscopy, proteomics mass spectrometry, genome sequencing, etc.) developed by the Novartis-linked Friedrich Miescher Institute which has 3975 registered users in 85 registered institutions.

Creating and Running a Core Flow Cytometry Unit at the Francis Crick Institute.

Shared Resources and Collaborative Science Neighbourhoods in Tampa’s Moffitt Cancer Center (Molecular Genomics, Proteomics, Flow Cytometry, and a Translational Research Core).

Taking Core Technology Provision Forward: What are the Needs and Can New Networks Help? (Two Sessions, one on Single-Core, the other on Multi-Core).

Another discussion session addresses the issue with regard to science parks and incubators, and the emerging concept of the ‘research hotel’.

Several sessions also address the scope to improve effectiveness and efficiency through lean approaches and rethinking layouts and processes, including:

ReThinking Isolation: How Strategic Process Choices Can Optimise Energy, Quality, Speed and Reliability.

Effective, Efficient and Sustainable Laboratories at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

Benchmarking for Improvement: Results from 121 Academic Laboratory Buildings at Harvard and Other Boston Institutions. (Followed by a discussion session with participants from a UK pharma benchmarking group).

Integrating Laboratory Chemicals, Equipment, Space and Other Management Systems for Efficiency, Safety and Sustainability.

Several sessions also address the important issue of space management, and costing as part of that, including the keynote follow-up on the University of Michigan’s North Campus.

Go here for a flyer and agenda, and here to book your place.


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