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The 2015 Supporting World Class Science Conference and S-Lab Awards Dinner will be held at the University of Leeds on September 16-17. See more information here.

S-Lab@Cambridge, a regional mini-confeence, is being held on June 8. See here for details or book tickets immediately here.

Programmes and most presentations from the 2013 and 2014 S-Lab conferences can be viewed here.

Programmes and most presentations from past S-Lab workshops can be viewed here. The most recent ones have been on

Good Laboratory Design

Laboratory Gases and Helium

Effective and Efficient Microscopy

New CL4 Facilities and Change at Pirbright

BREEAM in Universities and Colleges (including Labs)

Laboratory Environmental Assessment and Green Impact

Autoclaves: Reducing Energy Use and Environmental Impact 

Cold Storage in Laboratories: Actions to Cut Costs, Free Space, and Reduce Energy Consumption 

Effective Use of Laboratory Equipment and Resources: Inventory and Booking Systems.

Innovative Laboratories for 16+ STEM Education


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Critical Air Flow

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