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Sample Storage Resources

See S-Lab Sample Storage Good Practice Guidelines here.

Cold storage presentations from various S-Lab events can be found in the S-Lab Event Past Presentations Folder located within the S-Lab Public Folder. (Refer to the 'Index of all S-Lab Event Presentations' document at the bottom of the page to search presentations). They include presentations at:

The King's 2013 Freezer Workshop.

The 2015 Leeds Annual Conference Presentions, especially:

- Freezer Taming from Scratch, Allison Hunter, King's College London.

- Are You Getting the Most From Your Environmental Monitoring System?, John Walker, Schneider Electric.

- Improved Ultra-Freezing at a Lower Cost, Arjo Meijering, Wageningen University. 

Cold Storage in Laboratories, University of Edinburgh located within the good campus S-Lab Events - Past Presentations


The University of California Davis Store Smart initiative, including:

Freezer Cleanout Information flyer

Disposal Guidelines flyer

Freezer Challenge Brochure

Introduction to Freezer Challenge

Score Sheet

Freezer Temperature Tuning Survey

Freezer Retirement and Upgrade Survey

Freezer Clean-Out, Inventory and RTSS Survey


The University of Colorado Boulder initiatives in cold storage, including:

CU Green Labs Program

Database of sample types stored at -70 or warmer

CU Freezer Challenge

I2SL Freezer Challenge

Signage related to freezers

ULT Freezers Metered Data

Energy Efficient Laboratory Equipment Wiki





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