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Welcome to the current (new version pending) site for S-Lab: Supporting World Class Science. S-Lab supports laboratory improvement, especially in universities and related research institutes, through events, assessment tools, benchmarking, cases and guidance documents. Some current or recent activities are:

The S-Lab Awards – the 2015 shortlist of which can be viewed here. Many of the applicants will be presenting at the Leeds Conference.

A regional ‘mini-conference’ held at the University of Cambridge on June 8. Programme and presentations can be viewed here.

The 2015 Supporting World Class Science Conference and Awards Dinner at the University of Leeds on Sept 16-17. This will have 400+ attendess, around 100 sessions and 30-40 exhibitors covering all aspects of laboratory design, operation and management. Click for:

The latest agenda and flyer
More information on booking
Details of international speakers

See also how the Conference can cater for specialist interests in:

Biology/Medicine, Chemistry, Engineering and Physical Science.
Energy and Environment, Engineering and Estates, Human Resources, Senior Managers, Technical Support.
Biosafety and Biosecurity, BIS/HEFCE/Research Council Efficiency Agendas; Equipment and Procurement.

Some of the sessions will be double ones to form a 'masterclass' - we hope on costing, containment and ventilation, data management in lab settings, and leading teams in laboratory contexts. The masterclasses will be free to attend with a Conference ticket but places are limited so separate booking will be opened in July. Places will be allocated according to date of main Conference booking. 

Register here for the S-Lab Newsletter which will inform you of all our events, publications and other activities.

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